June 2015 : Software Eco-Design Workshop – O. Philippot – Kaliterre

This workshop was organised in the context of PERCCOM Summer School.

MONDAY, 15th JUNE 2015

9:00-12:30: Green Patterns (Context, Definition & Examples), Olivier Philippot – KALITERRE






Pentax Digital CameraPentax Digital CameraPentax Digital Camera


14:00 – 18:30 : Measurement of Software Energy consumption (Greenspector Meter), Olivier Philippot – KALITERRE.
IMG_0268 IMG_0266 IMG_0264



TUESDAY, 16th JUNE 2015

8:30-12:30 : Implementing Green Patterns (Green Spector Scan, GreenSpector for Eclipse and Sonar), Olivier Philippot – KALITERRE
Pentax Digital Camera Pentax Digital Camera IMG_0271