Lab : Energy consumed by a Switch

Objective: To measure and monitor the Energy Consumed by the Switch of the 2960X Series and draw inferences from the values observed. The goal of this experiment is to identify the various factors which affect the energy consumption of a switch.

Technical Equipment: Energy Meter( Volt Craft), PC/Laptop, Connecting Wires, Cisco Switch 2960X, Patch Panel, PDU for Power.

Process :

  • The switch is sequentially connected to 0,1,2,3 PC to observe if there are changes in energy consumption with added load.
  • The Bandwidth of the PC’s are adjusted from 1Gbps to 100Mbps and 10 Mbps to observe if there are any changes in switch energy consumption with BW.
  • Afterwards with the help of Traffic Generator, traffic is added at capacity 10%, 50% and, 100% of its total load to observe if there is are any changes in Power Consumption.


The results observed suggest that:

  • We observe that traffic has no impact on the Energy Consumption of the Switch
  • Bandwidth has very little effect on Energy Consumption for Switch
  • The number of PC’s/Laptops connected has little impact on the energy consumption of the switch