Lab : Hibernating Cisco Switch and Monitoring its Energy Consumption Level

Objective: Hibernation feature in switches aims to conserve energy consumed during a period of non-operation times (Nights, weekends or national holidays …) which corresponds to more than 50% of up-times of switches normally. The objective of this experiment is to put a cisco switch that implements this feature into hibernation mode and then monitor its energy consumption during hibernation to compare it with the consumption during active-time.

Platform description: The switch to be monitored “Cisco WS-C2960X-24PS-L” is plugged into outlet number one of the Raritan PDU. A PC with PRTG tplatformhiberraffic grapher software is used to monitor the behaviour of the switch. The PC, Raritan and Cisco switch to be monitored are all connected to a second switch in order to be able to get readings from raritan once the switch to be monitored is put into hibernation mode.

Result: We can see noticeable difference in the energy consumption of the switch between the two states (Active and Hibernate). The energy savings in the hibernate mode corresponds to more than 43% of the energy consumed in the active mode (18 watts in hibernate mode compared to 32 watts in active mode). hiber_prtg