Lab : How to associate Raritan in Energywise Domain?

Objective: The objective of the lab is to use Energywise to monitor the total energy consumption from the Raritan power distribution unit (PDU). By the end of the lab, it should be possible to enable the EnergyWise feature on both a Cisco switch and the Raritan PDU. By creating a secure EnergyWise domain on the switch acting as the management station, it should also be possible to add the PDU to the same domain and by using Energywise commands; its energy consumption would be obtained.

Platform description: The Raritan Power Device Unit is an intelligent and remotely accessible power supply extension that provides 230V at 50Hz to other devices. The model used was PX2-5190R. The management switch used was a Cisco 2960 model. A workstation (PC17) is used to access the switch and the PDU. Both PC 17 and the Raritan are connected to the switch. The connections are made through patch panels located in a central cabinet.


One of Results: The output from the children usage command (#show energywise children usage) includes information about the type of device categories and the caliber of the measurement. The category refers to the domain member usage type: consumer or producer and the caliber refers to the power usage caliber: actual or presumed or max. From the values obtained from EnergyWise it was found out that the total energy consumption of the Raritan was 30W and that of the switch was 23W.