Lab : How to configure a CISCO switch to monitor its Energy Consumption ?

Objective : Configuring a Cisco switch in order to monitor its own energy consumption with a general objective to use Cisco EnergyWise in order to decrease the total energy consumption by the switch, or later the whole network.

Technical explanation: To a well configured network, Cisco EnergyWise monitors and manages the power usage of the power devices that are connected to the network. In a standard Cisco EnergyWise Network hierarchy we can distinguish three different kinds of stations: Endpoints (ex. PCs), Domain (ex. Switches, Routers) and Network Management stations (ex. Management Switch). The Management stations are able to send queries to the other stations part of the network; the Domain stations are also able to send queries, but they can forward and/or respond to a query that they have received; the End stations are able just to respond to a queries. The objective of this topic is to configure a Cisco switch as a domain station and to send queries for the power consumptions to all other stations that are physically connected to the switch, hence we can monitor its own Energy consumption and try to lower it by using EnergyWise.

Cisco EnergyWise uses a set of power levels to consistently manage power usage. A power level is a measure of the energy consumed by devices in an EnergyWise network. The range is from 0 to 10. The default is 10, which is the highest power level, 0 belongs to nonoperational levels which “shutdown the port”, and level 5 for example is in the Standby-Operational category using Low power level.

One way to use EnergyWise enabled on the Switch is by configuring an recurrence event that repeats on a regular schedule using the power levels. For example we can configure the Swatch’s’ interface where a LED is physically connected, so the interface can be turned on only in the time period between 09AM-18PM.

Platform description : For the purpose of implementing the EnergyWise techniques into this topic, we use a desktop PC, which is connected to the Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series. Using previously configured telnet on the Switch we are able to connect from the PC and start with the EnergyWise configuration.

The configuration step are::

  • Configuring EnergyWise Domain and Endpoint station
  • Using queries to Manage Power in the Domain
  • Monitoring EnergyWise