Lab : How to Configure EnergyWise traps on CISCO switch ?

Objective : Configure a CISCO 3560v2 Switch to send Energywise traps to a network management station.

Platform description:  The components used to implement the scenario are:

  • IREASONING MIB Browser is an application software to browse through different MIBs. It was installed and run on the Network Management Station.
  • Cisco 3560v2series switch which supports the Cisco EnergyWise technology, advanced quality of service (QoS), rate limiting, Power over Ethernet (PoE) etc.
  • Energywise-MIB-v2 is the private Management Information Base (MIB) file that specifies OIDs for Energywise values on Cisco devices. It was loaded on the IREASONING browser.
  • End Devices are devices like LED Lamp and PoE network devices which are powered by PoE connection to the Cisco 3560v2 switch.

We tested four Energywise events : event-occured, level-change, neighbour added, neighbour-deleted

One Result (Level-change): All configured, LED lamp and a PoE switch were connected to the switch. Then the energywise levels were set low and high so as to trigger the sending of level-changed traps over SNMP.

Level-Change: when the LED lamp connected to switch was set to level 0, a cewLevelChange Trap was received on the trap receiver window (see the figure below).