Lab : How to remotely configure CISCO switch parameters with SNMP?

Objective : This lab shows how to remotely manage a CISCO switch in an IP network by changing its configuration parameters. Remote configuration is motivated by the idea to control all the devices in the network from one station.

Platform description: The network architecture consists of a workstation and a switch which are directly connected through a straight-through ethernet cable.

Result : In order to change configuration parameters to the switch, a set message can be specified from Ireasoning software. It is necessary to specify the OID of the configuration parameter that should be set, it’s data type and the new value. The figure below shows the SET message to set the bandwidth of port 18 of the switch to 10 mb/s.

setcmdThe screenshot below shows the effect od the SET command on the switch.switchdisplay

Conclusion : SNMP offers the foundation for application systems to automatically monitor and configure the devices of the network regarding several aspects, e.g. quality of service. Applications can dynamically react to current values taken from the devices and adjust them.

This can also be applied to energy efficiency. On the one hand it is possible to observe the energy consumption with SMTP and EnergyWise. It helps to understand how the energy consumption is being affected. For example, reducing the bandwidth like described above reduced the energy consumption.

On the other hand SNMP enables the manager to control the energy consumption. One possibility for this is to configure the EnergyWise Level. The EnergyWise Level specifies how much energy a PoE-device (Power of Ethernet) may consume. The value range lies from 1 to 11, whereas 1 is equal to shut down and 11 to highest power consumption. The OID (in this case for port 19) and the meaning of the values can be taken from the screenshot below.