Lab : How to write Java code for reading Energy consumed by CISCO switch ?

Objective : This activity aims to program an application in JAVA in order to retrieve some information related to the energy consumed by a Cisco switch.

Platform description : During this activity, we had different equipments: 1 switch Cisco Catalyst 3560, 1 switch Cisco 2960-X Series, 2 PCs, the software Eclipse to write JAVA code, and the software iReasoning MIB Browser to verify if the results we obtained with our JAVA application were right. iReasoning MIB Browser might also be used to retrieve the different OIDs that we want to access in our application. We enabled the SNMP on the different switches. We used the programming language JAVA, which is object-oriented and implemented nowadays in most of applications. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), an application layer protocol used with IP protocol at network layer and UDP at transport layer, is used in network management systems to monitor the devices attached to the network. It returns data into variables and these variables can be queried and sometimes also set. The application was based on the SNMP4J API.

One result :The figure below shows the method which permits to obtain the total energy consumed by switch .

java The figure below shows the results :