Lab : Monitoring the energy consumption on a Cisco Switch using SNMP and PRTG


  • To configure a Cisco switch to monitor in real time its energy consumption using the SNMP and the PRTG traffic grapher.
  • To generate a graphical interface using the PRTG traffic grapher with the help of the MIB browser (to retrieve OIDs)
  • To discuss the limitations of this method and suggest alternatives to measure the energy consumption.

Platform description : The architecture used is simple with connection from the switch (catalyst 3560 v2 series POE-24) to a PC, other peripheral devices used are the sensor probe (AKCP), a power over Ethernet (POE) Cisco switch (catalyst 2960 series PD) and an LED.


Results: Load the CISCO-Energywise-MIB in the MIB Ireasoning browser and get the cewEntEnergyUsage object from the MIB browser and observe the values. The required OIDs are also noted for usage for their real time power consumption. Similarly on the switch telnet connection, observe the energy consumption on the switch. In the PRTG traffic tool add custom sensors, enter the OIDs required for the power consumption on the switch, LED, sensor probe and the POE switch and observe their real time power consumption graphs.