March 2015 : Code Camp on Open Data in Green IT

Lappeenranta University of technology holds several code camps every year, each of them represents a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills.

IMG_20150302_1752144 The 2015 spring code camp topic was: « Open Data in Green IT » which focuses on the use of th2015-03-02 11.30.59e open data concept to 2015-03-04 15.58.46create new innovative mobile or web applications and develop ideas on how IT could be green.

The event took place on five days, the code camp was launched on Monday 2nd of March 2015 by introduction about the theme topic as well as explanations of the suggested tools to use, followed then by session for group formation and brainstorming ideas.

The first day ended with a sauna evening preceded by a presentation of the ideas from the participating teams and the later four days were dedicated to working and coding.

PERCCOM cohort 2 participated in the event with four teams.

Applications ideas varied between providing open data platforms for the food industry, citizen governance and public services.

Open Data and Green IT code camp concluded on Friday afternoon with final presentations and announcing the winners.

Team « Local Eat » from PERCCOM composed of (Anar Bazarhanova, Khan Mohammad Habibullah, Melanie Pittumbur and Julien Dhallenne) won the code camp with their app that encourages consuming local food products and provides data about these products openly on the web.

Other PERCCOM teams have also shown innovative applications and code ideas that got the admiration PANO_20150305_152613IMG_20150302_175334from the juries.