March 2016 : Ice Hockey Match

« On 10th March PERCCOM Cohort 3 visited an ice-hockey match between local Lappeentanta’s team Saipa (in yellow-black uniform) and their opponents from the capital HIFK (in red uniform). Ice-hockey is a very entertaining and impetuous sport. It captures your attention from the first second till the very last horn. And for most of our students it was the first ice-hockey experience. Imagine how fantastic it was!
Both teams played very intensive: hockey is tough (I can assure you as a person who broke an arm during her first trial playing it myself). A player of red team even got an injury.
But not only players were enthusiastic. Look at this photo! Fans cheered Saipa constantly, loudly and extremely energetic!
Their support was so contagious, that even our international cohort with no Finnish person in it cheered Saipa with all the strength we have! Unfortunately, Saipa lost this match… But we all hope that they will win next time »
Written by Tamara Belyakhina, photos took by Joseph el Khoury

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