Master Thesis progress

On 29 April 2014, we had a master thesis progress presentation. The meeting is held on LUT Sauna Beach House near the Lake Saimaa. The meeting was attended by Prof. Jari Porras from Lappenranta University of Technology (LUT), Prof. Karl Anderson from Lulea University of Technology (LTU), and of course, all of PERCCOM students.
Basically in this meeting, we were given a chance to present some of the works that we have been done for our master thesis. The majority of us, present about the literature review about the journals that are used for our references. While, others also present more advanced works, like a company survey or project timeline. Each student has roughly about 30 minutes for presentation and question. After each presentation, Prof. Jari and Prof. Karl will give some questions or comments. The first student who prThe student who finished their presentation point another student who will be in the next turn. (written by Alifia Fithritama)
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