November 2015 : Dr Amélie Bohas, President of IT2D

Wednesday 25th November, Dr Amélie Bohas gave a lecture on « CSR & SUSTAINABILITY: What impacts on corporate governance? The case of Green IT management « 
She is the President of IT2D, a competence center promoting the best environmental management practises in ICT.

The program was :IMG_1202

1st PART: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (SD): What are we talking about ?
1.1. Causes of Sustainable Development
1.2. Stakes of Sustainable Development
1.1. Current solutions

2nd PART: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR): How firms are concerned about Sustainable Development ?
2.1. Business EthicsIMG_1204
2.2. CSR Definition

3rd PART: CORPORATE GOVERNANCE : What are the impacts of SD and CSR on corporate governance ?
3.1. Governance system
3.2. Norms for CSR
3.3. Measuring global performance

4th PART: THE CASE OF GREEN IT MANAGEMENT: How can we assess the maturity of Information System (IS) regarding its contribution to CSR policy ?
4.1. Definition of Green IT
4.2. Obsolescence and Rebound effects
4.3. Assessing Green IT maturity
4.4. Devising a tool inspired by BSC (Balanced Scorecard)