November 2016 : PERCCOM Promotion in California

Prof. Jari Porras visited California State University of Long Beach (CSULB) and Prof. Birgit Penzenstadler between 6th of November and 16th of November.

The visit was full of program; sustainability conference WPRC, presentation of PERCCOM to Bachelor’s students, scientific discussions and lots of observations of local sustainability issues.

Sustainability conference

The Western Pacific Regional Conference 2016 (WPRC) on Sustainable technologies and careers arranged by ESW – Engineers for a sustainable world, consisted many interesting talks about the technological solutions within CSULB and surrounding society. Some sessions, like the Solar Energy and Storage workshop included hands-on working with solar panels.

PERCCOM associate member Prof. Birgit Penzenstadler gave a presentation about Software Engineering and Sustainability at this conference.

Presentation of the PERCCOM programme

Professor Jari Porras had a chance to present the PERCCOM programme and especially the project works done in PERCCOM to the third year students of software engineering in CSULB. This presentation was nicely welcomed and information concerning PERCCOM and especially the research projects within PERCCOM was seen valuable.

Observations on local sustainability challenges and solutions

In addition to technical programme Prof. Jari Porras was actively observing the sustainability challenges in California and in US culture in general. At the moment California, especially southern California, suffers of extreme drought and ways to save water have been developed. One way of doing this is to prefer natural plants in the yards rather than grass lawns that require constant watering. Another approach is to make the technology as green as possible. CSULB is actively using these technologies in their campus.