Research visit of Prof. Olaf Drögehorn to CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia

August 15-29, 2015 invited by CSIRO

Professor Olaf Drögehorn (Harz University of Aplied Sciences) spent two weeks in Melbourne at CSIRO research center. He was awarded a Scholar Scholarship delivered by the European Commission. Prof. Drögehorn was hosted by Arkady Zaslavsky, Senior Principal Research Scientist of CSIRO Computational Informatics.

The main objective of this visit was to collaborate in the field of Home Automation and to explain the lectures given by Prof. Drögehorn in the PERCCOM program to CSIRO. As CSIRO is maintain also a research 20150827_141205group on this topic it was of interest which technologies are used for Home Automation in Australia and how the government is supporting those activities in contrast to the European Union.

CSIRO is a federal research agency in Australia and has more than 50 sites across in Australia. The research visit was arranged by the CSIRO in Clayton, Melbourne located next to the Monash University campus.

The location as such gave a nice perspective to sustainability issues as the campus emphasizes various sustainability issues including Building Automation and water saving activities.

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Prof. Drögehorn gave a talk. The talk with the title « The Green Living Campus Project: Payback Time of Investments in Home Automation ».

Within this task the results of the PERCCOM student Fisayo Sangogboye have been presented, and how they fit into the Green Living Campus Project at Harz University of Applied Sciences.

Together with Prof. Zaslavsky several productive discussions were made about PERCCOM, co-supervision of students. Especially topics for the next cohort were discussed so that Harz University and CSIRO can work together more closely.