The Ellen MacArthur Foundations goal is an education which sees the challenges of a resource-constrained world as an opportunity to innovate and accomplish remarkable things in the redesign of our industrial systems.  It is about a changed education perspective first and foremost – moving from an emphasis on ameliorating the effects of the ‘take-make- dispose (linear) economy’ to the search for virtuous cycles of economic development (the ‘circular economy’).  It is about a design philosophy, about how we produce and consume and how we enable the transition to a prosperous, beneficial and restorative economy and the skills, innovations, technologies and systemic changes which will be needed.

Fondaterra is a unique multidisciplinary network of different public and private actors. It brings the project its skills on energy and mobility know how and feedbacks; its crossed sectors thinking abilities and its expertise skills on sustainable development conditions and valuation. Besides, Fondaterra has strong mediation and dissemination capacities as the foundation is involved in several European networks. First one is gathering campuses to increase knowledge of higher education on sustainable development usages, and to disseminate best practices through the creation of a European observatory of energy and carbon use in higher education. This one will aim to improve information’s transfer and promote market transparency (RUEGHE). Second one is the European commission’s KIC (Knowledge Innovation Community) dedicated to climate change issues. Fondaterra is developping students challenges to support ideas calls and support best ones to « proof of concept » development.