PERCCOM Cohort 3 Winter Activities (Spring Semester 2016)

1. Climbing

During the PERCCOM Welcome Day in Lappeenranta on January we participated in the indoor climbing activity organised by Professor Jari Porras and PERCCOM administration in Lappeenranta University of Technology. Our professors from University of Lorraine in France and Leeds University in England also joined this activity. We had basic trainings of indoor climbing, including climbing terminology and training tips. Firstly, with the trainer we had a warming-up and he gave some safety instructions, and then he showed us the walls with different climbing levels marked in different colours.


Then the trainer explained basics of movings across the wall, gave us the information about supporting point and foot techniques, and how to keep balance while climbing. During the whole activity time, the trainer was very kind and gave everyone advices and tips for the future progress in climbing. We had a lot of fun and spent time really good!

2. Ice skating

Even in the coldest days of the year you can always have the chance to find an outdoor activity here. One most exciting one is ice skating. There are several skating rinks in Lappeenranta, one near each residence and there are several near the Saimaa lake and in the city center. You can try to do it alone or in groups using your creativity to bring up new group games. For sure the group skating is highly recommended as you can have lots of fun there.

ic2But the prerequisite for this is to have a pair of ice skates which can be found in market for 30 euros or the second-hand shop in the city center for 15 euros or more. The other option is to borrow from the student union in the university which you can borrow for several days. Then you need to put on warm clothes since you will play for at least two or three hours. The most important part is preparing for falling hundreds of times to learn how to keep your balance. I assure that it is possible to do it but if you have any experience in any skating then it can help you so much. You should also learn how to fall not to hurt yourself. Learning the skills is not difficult but after three sessions you can manage not to fall.

3. Ice swimming

During a Finnish outdoor day arranged by the Pastors of the University we went skiing, sledding, played some get-to-know-each-other games and worked on digging an ice hole. At the end of the day we went to sauna and got to try taking a small dip into the ice hole we had been working on earlier! Not really swimming, but close enough.

swim4. Skiing

Skiing is one of the most exciting activities that I’ve ever done. It can be a bit cold, but trying cross-country and downhill skiing in the forest or skiing across the frozen lake are absolutely awesome. While skiing I feel smaller but fully experience the beauty of my surroundings. I will definitely try it again.

5. Snowbattles

One day after school we were walking home, and some teasing turned into snow battling. The others got the taste of snow in the face, as it should be, me included. There was also another larger snow battle after the combined Finnish/Russian outdoor day, but forgot to take pictures there.

bttle6. Snowmen/snow statues making & skiing activities

Another activity that you definitely should not miss on a snowy day is making a snowman or even a snow monster ūüėČ This is fun for kids, adults and everyone in between. We had a great snowman making contest during the Finnish outdoor day. Compete and be creative!

snow1 snow2 snow3

(Written by PERCCOM students)