Professor Mohammad Shahadat Hossain’s visit in Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

2-17 December 2014: Professor Mohamad Shahadat Hossain, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh, spent two weeks at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden. He was awarded a Scholar Scholarship delivered by the European Commission.

During his visit on 8th December 2014, Professor Hossain deliveredP1 a lecture on “Belief Rule Based Systems and the New Ways of Thinking when Creating Computational Models” to the PERCCOM students of the Lulea University of Technology at Lulea campus. This lecture was also attended by the PERCCOM students, located at Nancy, France through video conferencing.The same lecture was delivered by Professor Hossain to the Faculty members of the Skelleftea Campus of Lulea University of Technology. The key points of Professor Hossain’s seminal lecture include:

  • Problem of computational models
  • A way to developing conscious computing model to obtain sustainable/eco-friendly software solution to a real world problem
  • Belief rule based systems to address uncertainty in complex systems
  • Integrating pervasive computing with belief rule based decision support system

Professor Hossain demonstrated various software solutions in eachP2 of the areas from his extensive previous research. Finally, he elaborated their jointly awarded Swedish Research Grant Project with Professor Karl Andersson of Lulea University of Technology, especially a new way of integration of pervasive computing and belief rule based DSS to solve flood problems. This research project would address a number of green ICT issues. In addition to the above, Professor Hossain with Professor Karl Andersson was involved with the supervision of the proposed Master thesis of one of the PERCCOM students and this will continue.

In a few words: Mohammad Shahadat Hossain is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Chittagong, Bangladesh since 2007. He did both his MPhil and PhD in Computation from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK in 1999 and 2002 respectively. He awarded prestigious Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in 2009 through a rigorous academic evaluation. He also awarded prestigious Tyndall Visiting Fellowship in 2006. In 2011 and 2013, Professor Hossain awarded prestigious European Commission sponsored Erasmus Mundus Academic Staff Fellowship at the University of Aalborg of Denmark He successfully completed a number of research projects. Recently, with Professor Karl Anderson of Lulea University of Technology, he awarded prestigious Swedish Research Council grant for their project proposal entitled “A Belief Rule Based DSS to Assess Flood Risks using Wireless Sensor Networks”. His current research area includes the modeling of risk and uncertainty using evolutionary computing techniques. Investigation of pragmatic software development tools and methods for Information Systems in general and for GIS, in particular is also his area of research. He is continuing his research in other adventurous areas of computing such as health informatics, affective computing, e-government and philosophy of computing. He has published several scholarly articles in the reputed international journals such as Expert Systems . He is the author of a number of books. His jointly authored book entitled « Computing Reality », published by Aoishima Research Institute (blue ocean press) in Tokyo, Japan, contributed significantly to enrich the knowledge of computer science and indexed in the ACM Digital Library.