QoS and QiS

QoS : Quality of Services and QiS : Quality in Sustainability

Prof. Francis LEPAGE

Course aim

  • To provide a practical knowledge on Quality of Service – QoS, Quality of Experience – QoE and Quality in Sustainability – QiS in communication network domain responding to :
  • Why to measure QoS, QoE and QiS parameters ?
  • How to measure them ?
  • What are the measuring problems ?
  • What is the validity of the results ?
  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge on how to maintain or improve QoS level at lower layers of the network.
  • What are the appropriate mechanisms for each QoS parameter?
  • How to integrate some mechanisms in QoS architectures?
  • What are advantages and disadvantages of various QoS architectures?


  • QoS, QoE and QiS definitions reminder. From concepts to parameters.
  • Metrology : methodology and results presentation
  • QoE : voice, images and video, others
  • QoS : application QoS, delay and jitter, bandwidth, packets loss
  • QiS : CO2, EMF, others
  • Network management contribution to QoS, QoE and QiS
  • Mechanisms for preserving and enhancing QoS, QoE and QiS : Traffic policing and shaping, Queue overflow management, Packet Scheduling, Link layer marking and scheduling
  • QoS and QiS architectures : IntServ and RSVP, DiffServ, MPLS, EnergyWise