Quality of Sustainable Services – lab 1

In this practical session, the students learn how to measure the energy consumption of different devices and of the network. It is easy to measure the energy consumption but finding the parameters that influence the measurements is more difficult. To achieve a good result, the students need to perform the experiment in different scenarios.

For this experiment, the students use the following devices: Cisco 3560 PoE-24 switch, Cisco 2960 PD switch, Voltcraft Energy Logger 4000F, Sensor Probe 2 AKCP, UTP cables, a console cable, 2 PCs, a temperature sensor and an electric source. The objective of the experiment is to estimate the total energy consumption of the 108 room in AIPL building where there are ten PCs, four Cisco 3560 PoE-24 switches, and four Cisco 2960 PD switches.

Pentax Digital CameraPentax Digital Camera




Pentax Digital Camera






The main observations from experiments are :

  1. The measurement results differ according to the switch used (with the same reference).
  2. The higher the bandwidth, the more the energy consumed on the network.
  3. The more the number of PCs connected to the switch, the higher the energy consumption.
  4. The devices in POE connection mode consume more energy than in electric connection mode. However, the POE connection mode is used because it allows the network managers to put devices in sleeping mode remotely.
  5. The traffic has no effect on energy consumed on wire network.
  6. PC in running mode consumes more energy than one in sleeping mode.