Quality of Sustainable Services – lab 2

EnergyWise protocol:

In this session, the students work with Energywise protocol developed by Cisco. Its function is to provide a set of management functions to simplify and automate the energy management of network infrastructure and devices attached to the network.

In this lab, the students only use CLI command for configuring EnergyWise.

Platform : The Cisco 3560 Switch of each country connects one POE Switch (Cisco 2960 PD), one POE LED and one POE temperature sensor (Sensor Probe 2). APentax Digital Camerall Cisco 3560 switches are interconnected and an Energywise domain named greenIT is created. Form this Energywise domain, the students learn how to monitor and limit the power consumption of the devices attached to the switch as well as schedule the switching on and off of the devices to optimize energy consumption.