Research visit of Prof. Jari Porras to CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia

Professor Jari Porras (Lappeenranta University of Technology) spent two weeks in Melbourne at CSIRO research center. He was awarded a Scholar Scholarship delivered by the European Commission. Prof. Porras was hosted by Arkady Zaslavsky, Senior Principal Research Scientist of CSIRO Computational Informatics. The objective of this plan was to work together on the thesis topic of Alexandre de Masi, student of the first PERCCOM cohort. This visit was also a part of a research sabbatical of Prof. Porras. During this sabbatical Prof. Porras studies sustainable software innovations and ways to increase the sustainability aspects within software engineering courses at the computer science program in LUT.


CSIRO is a federal research agency in Australia and has more than 50 sites across in Australia. The research visit was arranged by the CSIRO in Clayton, Melbourne located next to the Monash University campus.

The location as such gave a nice perspective to sustainability issues as the campus emphasizes various sustainability issues.









 Most of the working within this research visit happened together with PERCCP4OM student Alexandre de Masi on his thesis topic “Load balancing in P2P based smartphone distributed systems”. On the last day of his visit prof. Porras gave a tech-talk “In search of sustainability – research and education @LUT” emphasizing LUT focused sustainability issues, including PERCCOM programme.