Semester 3: Resource efficient pervasive computing systems and communication. (30 ECTS)

The objective is to teach students fundamentals and advanced issues of mobile networks, mobile and distributed systems, energy efficient sensor networks, pervasive computing and mobile software and services. The students will learn how to apply acquired knowledge to various application domains focusing on sustainable development. The courses are given at Lulea University of Technology.

Course 14: Network programming and distributed applications (7.5 ECTS) – Pr. C. Åhlund

Course 15: Wireless sensor networks/ Wireless Mobile Networks (7.5 ECTS) – Pr. E. Osipov

Course 16 : Multimedia systems (7.5 ECTS) – Pr. K. Andersson

Course 17: Special Studies in Pervasive and Mobile Computing (Project) (3 ECTS), Pr. C. Åhlund/K. Synnes

Course 18: Swedish for Beginners AI:1a (1.5 ECTS)

Seminar: (3ECTS) a selection  (done by the Universities) of one course offered by other Partners.