Sept 2017 : International SEEDS conference

The last week, all PERCCOM cohorts were represented in the 2017 international Seeds conference (Leeds) : Vicky, Nahin (cohort 1), Mélanie (cohort 2), Emil, Chandara, Nhi, Giang, Carlos, Henrique, Atefe (cohort 3) and Geraldine (cohort 4) wrote a total of 9 papers. It was a great success for PERCCOM programme since we received 5 awards (3 highly recommended and 2 winners).
Congrats PERCCOM students !!

  1. Front-End Development for Home Automation Systems A design approach using JavaScript Frameworks, Olaf Droegehorn, Marie Leslie Melanie Pittumbur, Jari Porras
  2. Promoting Green Transportation via Persuasive Games, Emil Hedemalm, Josef Hallberg, Ah-Lian Kor, Karl Andersson, Colin Pattinson
  3. Gamified Participatory Sensing for Sustainability: An ICT Tool for Lakes Monitoring, Chandara Chea, Maria Palacin-Silva, Jari Porras
  4. GreenMed: A sustainable physical activity tracking application, Thi Yen Nhi Vo, Ah-Lian Kor, Colin Pattinson
  5. Grid metrics for monitoring Green network, Geraldine Villers, Eric Rondeau, Jean-Philippe Georges,
  6. An SDN Perspective to Mitigate the Energy Consumption of Core Networks-GÉANT2, A. Maleki, M. Hossain, J. P. Georges, E Rondeau, T Divoux
  7. Using Conventional Remote Controls to Promote Home Automation, Carlos Alberto Martinez Licona, Olaf Droegehorn
  8. Improving Heating Efficiency of Residential Building Automation System through Smartphones – German Use Case, Henrique R. Sarmento, Olaf Droegehorn, Jari Porras
  9. Visualizing captured user activities in relation to energy usage – An approach for motivating and aiding people to change their behavior to be more sustainable, Thi Thu Giang Tran, Saguna Saguna; Olaf Droegehorn, Jari Porras