September 2013 : Seminar – Circular Economy – Ellen MacArthur Foundation

9h00 – 11h00 : Towards a Circular Economy, Jocelyn Blériot, Head of Editorial – European Affairs, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

CircularEconomy (4)Talk: The last 150 years of industrial evolution have been dominated by a one-way, linear model of production and consumption in which goods are manufactured, sold, used and discarded as waste. This model has been exceptionally successful in providing affordable products to consumers and material prosperity to billions. Yet, in the face of sharp price increases, more volatility and signs of resource depletion, the call for a new economic paradigm is getting louder.The time is right, due to an unprecedented combination of contextual factors and enabling technologies, to harness the potential of a ‘circular’ model which takes insights from living systems. We will examine the fundamentals of the model, take a look at the economic opportunities it offers and zoom in on a selection of case studies highlighting its application.

11h00- 11h30 : break

11h30-13h30 : Circular Economy & Smart Cities, Chris Tuppen, Senior Partner, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

CircularEconomyTalk: Examples will be taken from a range of electrical and electronic products to illustrate a number of aspects of the circular Economy. Special focus will be placed on scarce materials, obsolescence, ownership models and the economics of materials recovery. Initial thoughts on how to measure the ‘circularity’ of a product will also be presented.

A circular economy works towards products designed for longer operational lives, repair and ultimate recycling. This will need a new approach to reverse logistics, spare parts availability, and materials identification. All in all this is an obvious candidate for ICT technologies yet the worlds of smart cities and the circular economy have yet to connect. The talk will conclude with a few thoughts on how they might.

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