Service oriented architecture

Course Aim.

Students are expected to understand the meaning of service-oriented paradigm and the aspects affecting the efficient utilization of it. Students achieve understanding of SOA for sustainable service development. Students are able to design and implement service-oriented applications.

Course Contents.

Service and web oriented architecture terminology, technologies and infrastructures. SOA and web services fundamentals, SOA and WS-* extensions, SOA and Service-orientation, designing and building SOA. Suitable also for postgraduate studies.

Module 1: Service-orientation for sustainable solutions

This module emphasizes the service-orientation paradigm in sustainable solutions. By combining the business and application environments and service-oriented solutions the sustainability can be achieved. The reusability and composability principles of service-oriented paradigm are emphasized in the context of sustainability.

Module 2: Technologies for service-oriented solutions

This module focuses on technological solutions providing service-oriented architecture and sustainability. Students participate in exercises and implement their own software solution that could be used in future courses.

Module 3: SOA in industry

SOA in industry module ties the theoretical and practical work of students into industrial SOA based solutions.

Work modes: Lectures, Exercises and implementation project, Seminars on SOA research

Examination : Written examination

21h lectures, 14h exercises, 26h practical assignment, 56h self-study, 3h exam. Total amount 130h