Participation costs

EM PERCCOM Participation costs : (for entire 2-years period)

The students who want to take part of the PERCCOM programme without scholarship must pay the participation costs which amount to :

  • For Category A students :  16000 € (8000€ per year)
  • For Category B students : 8000 € (4000€ per year)

The EM PERCCOM participation costs only cover administrative fees and the academic costs for the programme. It does not include costs for living, housing and travel.

All prospective EM PERCCOM students can apply for scholarships.

Participation costs must be understood as any compulsory administrative/operational cost related to the participation of the student in the program (e.g. library, laboratory, tuition, social security and insurance costs, etc.). Any other costs that may be charged in addition being compulsory or voluntary, must be communicated to the candidate student at application stage.