Vappu Integration activity

In the same day after Master Thesis presentation, we had a barbecue party at evening in the Sauna Beach House. Mrs Susanna helped us to prepare the food and drinks, while Mr. Jari prepared the grill. We had two grill, one is gas and another is charcoal. Because some of us have a diet preference like Vegan or Vegetarian, the grill is separated. One for grilling the fish and vegetable for the vegan and vegetarian, and the other grill is used for grilling the meat for the rest of us.

After the barbecue, the event was continued with sauna together. There were two sauna rooms available, one for girls and one for boys. As the Finnish tradition, after sweating inside hot sauna room, we should jump into the lake as the cold water from the lake will refresh the skin. By the time we finish sauna, the sun was almost set and it created a beautiful view on the horizon. So before going home, we did not waste our chance and took one group photo on the beach. (written by Alifia Fithritama)

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