Victoria is on a Finnish national newspaper (Iltalehti)

Paper translation

 « The future maker

Peruvian Victoria Palacin Silva came to Finland to study green computing because she thinks it’s the profession of the future. She’s graduating in August as the first M. Sc. in green computing.
– I like Lappeenranta! There’s 11748732_10207360877004317_1030872586_nsomething special about the town. There are a lot of students and a very good university, says Peruvian Victoria Palacin Silva, 24.
It’s a lot coming from a woman who’s studied in Peru and Mexico before and now in France and Sweden for the masters degree.

Silva is graduating in August as the M. Sc. of green computing. During the two years the studies have taken place in three universities in France, Sweden and Finland. LUT has been part of Perccom programme which is funded by the EU. Students from different countries can apply for a masters degree. There are the universities of Lorrainen, Luulaja and Lappeenranta involved.

Silva is one of the 17 students who graduate now as the first M. Sc. of green computing. Only five of them are from Europe, none of them are Finnish.
– I feel like I’ve been part of something important. Something that the EU has funded, says Silva.
– I have many opportunities for my career now. I can work in the IT section and also in the sustainability matters. This degree is a good combination of both. I need to find the path how to use me degraa, she continues.

Computing can change the world

Silva started school as a kid earlier then she was supposed to and she was only 15 when she started university. She graduated as a bachelor from computing when she was 20. After graduating she started to look for where she can continue her studies. That’s when she found Perccom.
– I wanted to go abroad. After graduation I was in USA and Mexico for internships. I got accepted in a new internship in Chile at the same time as in Perccom programme. I chose the studies, she tells.

Silva is interested in the combination of computing and sustainability so Perccom was like made for her. After the two-year studies she worked on her master thesis in Lappeenranta. She made a research on the green aspect in video game developing. In her research she looked how people can get interested in sustainability by videogames.

Silva is particularly interested in engaging citizens to sustainability matters by technology.
– Our society is surrounded by techonology/computing. All this technology could also activate people aWebnd make them more engaged.
– Computing has a big impact on everybody’s life. It’s heavily used in the world, usually in a way that we don’t even know it. By studiyng green computing you can change the world.

Finland is a possibility

After finishing her master thesis Silva decided to stay in Lappeenranta. She has founded a new start-up company Wakiy. In September they launch a website and an application where people can donate and recycle thing to a collective ownership. »