Welcome Day Cohort 2, Luleå, September 9, 2015

Room A2011

  • 08:15-08:30 Introduction, Organization of the Welcome Day Prof. Karl Andersson
  • 08:30-08:45 Welcome from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Erik Höglund



  • 08:45-09:15 Datacenter research and innovation activities in North Sweden Adj. Prof. Tor Björn Minde
  • 09:15-09:45 ICT solutions for smarter cities and smarter regions, the OrganiCity case Dr. Marita Holst

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  • 10:00-10:30 Connected media and presence, the COMPEIT approach Mr. Johan Bengtsson

P5 P6 P7

  • 10:30-11:30 Master thesis organization and process for Cohort 2 Prof. Eric Rondeau/Prof. Jari Porras/Prof. Josef Hallberg

P8 P9 P10

  • 11:30-12:00 Photo session



  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch

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Room A2011

  • 13:00-14:30 Green and Smart IT Prof. Ah-Lian Kor

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Bus departs from Science Center (Teknikens Hus) at 14:30.
Gammelstad UNESCO World Heritage

  • 14:50-15:50 Tour around Gammelstad UNESCO World Heritage

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Bus connection/Hydro66

  • 16:30-17:30 Presentation and tour around the data center Mr. Andy Long, CEO

IMG_2237 IMG_2240 IMG_2241

Bus connection/Boden Fortress

  • 18:00-19:00 Guided tour

P1 IMG_2311 P7

  • 19:00-20:30 Dinner

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Bus connection back to Campus Luleå