What is Pesäpallo?

On 14 May 2014, we practice Finnish baseball game which is called Pesäpallo (Finnish pronunciation: [pesæpɑlːo] ) .  If we translate, Pesäpallo literally means nest ball.  The field that we used to practice is located in Leirikatu 24, Lappeenranta near the Prisma or city center. The location can be found here. We gathered at 10:00 am and finished at about 12:00. After about ten minutes of playing, suddenly it was raining pretty heavy. However, we did not lose our spirit just because the fact that it was raining or windy.
We started the practice with some warming up. We make a pair and then throw a ball to each other. One people will throw, and another will catch the ball. After that, Mr. Jari aka our coach taught us how to hit the ball using the bat. Every person will take a turn one after another, and we have about 10 chances to hit the ball. When one person hit the balls, the others will guard and catch the ball.

.Article written by Alifia Fithritama (PERCCOM student 2013-15)